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HORIZON is a news sheet for the Islington and Camden Methodist Church Mission Circuit.  The aim is to produce it every two months.  Its purpose is to give regular updates on the life of the circuit.  With five ‘church’ locations on the circuit, each has an opportunity to serve God in their wider communities.  As this is our first newsletter, it might be a good to share our mission statement.  The Islington and Camden Mission circuit has adopted the following as its core value:

 “Our mission statement is based on being called to love and serve”.

                          “We love because God first loved us”.  1 John 4:19

The Islington and Camden Mission Circuit is committed to living out a life of unconditional and generous Love as followers of Jesus Christ.  We seek to serve others in ways that reflect God’s generous Spirit and its mission to the world.  Not only from within the Methodist Church, but as part of the whole Church of Christ.  We proclaim the Gospel of Christ through a call to be:

Unconditional and generous with our message
Meaning that sharing the Gospel is not seen as being confined to long established patterns of church. But viewed as equally effective through the widest possible range of different ‘Expressions’ of what it might mean to be ‘Church’ in today’s world.  This may mean radical change from what might be understood as inherited or preferred tradition, but not anything that seeks to replace Christ as centre.  

Unconditional and generous with our time
Ensuring that whenever and wherever possible, we give all the time we can to worship God and support one another in that with love and mutual respect.  We commit to our wider communities, taking the time to go amongst them and share something of the saving Grace of Jesus, exactly where they are.

Unconditional and generous with our resources
Our buildings, money and lives are a toolbox for mission.  When we hold back more than we should, we restrict the flow of God’s generosity.  In our giving, decisions and visions, we will seek to always place the mission of God, (as prioritising the spiritual and practical needs of others) at their centre.  

Unconditional and generous with our Love

This circuit commits to express love in ways that model God’s unconditional love for this world – revealed through Jesus Christ, empowered by the Holy Spirit. The circuit also commits to express this love whilst holding a deep respect for human difference and for different faiths.    

A reminder of our five mission centres as we approach the end of 2019.


Archway originated as the Methodist Central Hall Model.  A sizable building, it houses a variety of uses and dominates the immediate skyline.  Its position and potential are obvious and although part of the circuit, Archway requires a far more local oversight than the rest of the circuit.  The reason is chiefly because the spiritual and pastoral needs of the current worshipping community co-exist alongside considerable levels of property management, lease arrangements and landlord/tenant situations.  A new development at Archway will be the opening of a creative arts studio space in early 2020.  This initiative is in conjunction with the art ministry of the Rev. Rick Stott.  There will be much more about this the January/February copy of Horizon - but please pray for this new possibility.


‘Cally’ continues to support an established Sunday morning worshipping community.  In addition, ‘Cally’ works in partnership with the homeless charity: The Pillion Trust.  At the beginning of December, ‘Cally’ begins its 11th year of providing much needed practical support for the care of a a specific group of homeless young people.  Whilst the work is confidential, we hope to feature a more detailed report in December’s Horizon.  ‘Cally’s other main development is its increased relationship with the Hungerford School.  Assemblies are offered every Thursday now and several groups are booked to visit the church next month in the run up to Christmas.  Another feature of our growing relationship with Pupils, Staff and Families is the community art project currently underway.  Here are the first images.

Cally ArtCally Art 2


Based in the Wesley Hotel at Euston, this was originally intended to be a temporary worship space for the Camden Town society whilst the new Camden project is developed.  Very quickly it was realised that this could become a permanent place of worship and have the possibility in the future as a Methodist Chaplaincy centre for Euston Station.  In view of this, this mission centre in the making, is now regarded as a circuit church plant.  Since Easter Sunday 2019, we have established worship on a Sunday, and a Thursday evening community choir outreach.  The plans for the Chaplaincy Everywhere Centre are now part of the overall circuit development plan - more of that in the next issue.


The new development at Camden will soon be underway after a long process to get to this point.  Exciting times ahead as the circuit prepares for a new Christian and hospitality centre in the heart of Camden.  Horizon will share as much as possible, as the development unfolds.  But for now, a glimpse into the future.


Home to an established Sunday morning worshipping community, IC also hosts several other Christian gatherings.  IC is working hard to establish deeper and more collaborative relationships with other Christians who use the building, whilst developing a more rigorous process for managing the premises.  As a result, a new vision is emerging at IC and we have every reason to be very positive about the future.  With ongoing commitment to a wider vision of mission, IC now carries its own unique opportunity as part of the circuit vision that will be made much clearer in the new year. 

Other matters to report on for November and December:

All our events and services for Advent and Christmas will be advertised in the usual way.  On the plan, the circuit website and via the circuit cards that will be produced and distributed.  We have so much to be positive about and look forward to as well as deal with and manage.  In prayer and in person, we need to commit to one another again the season of goodwill and remember our primary aim….to be followers of Jesus Christ.

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We do hope that this newsletter will prove to be informative and helpful as we journey on together in Faith, Hope and Love…….not forgetting Joy!

Wishing everyone a blessed and peaceful Christmas time.

Tim and David.

Second Chance


Continued Support for Charities 
Posted 15 May 2019

All the money that Second Chance makes is given away to charity. For the year 2017/18 they gave away £45,550; almost doubling the amount that was given away last year.

This is where the money was sent: - 

To international charities a total of £9,550 to: All We Can, Freedom from Torture, Ghana Prostate Cancer Diagnostic Charity, Médecins Sans Frontières, Mercy Ships, Methodist Fund for World Mission, Mzilikazi Methodist Project, Open Doors UK, ORBIS, ROPE, Send a Cow and Smile Train.

NecklacesTo national charities they gave a total of £13,000 to: Action for Children, Amelia Trust, Galloway's Society for the Blind, Hearing Dogs for the Deaf, Manna Society, Methodist Fund for Property, Methodist Homes, Methodist LWPT, Methodist Ministers' Housing Society and Auxiliary Fund,  Methodist Mission in Britain Fund, Premier Radio, Prison Fellowship,  The Salvation Army, Sisters of Mercy, Treloar Trust, UCB Radio.

To local charities they gave a total of £23,000 to: 7th Tufnell Park Brownies and Guides, The Winter Shelter at Caledonian Road Methodist Church, Castlehaven Community Associaton, CARIS, Centre 404, Haven House, Holloway Neighbourhood Group, Islington MIND, Marie Curie Hospice Hampstead, the North London Hospice, Pillion Trust, SSt Gabriel's RC Holloway, St John's Hospice,  Sunnyside Community Gardens, Trussel Trust/Islington Food Bank, West London Mission - Drop-In, UHFC Drop in and Women Together (Recovery Group).

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