Into the New Year

New Year's Eve
We wish everyone a peaceful and hopeful New Year.


The Twelve Days of Christmas is a festival starting on 25th December and ending on 5th January. In Western Christianity, 6th is observed as Epiphany and principally commemorates the visit of the Magi (the wise men) to the Christ Child in Bethlehem.

Often this day is during the week and in 2021 Epiphany falls on the Thursday after the Second Sunday of Christmas.

The Covenant Service
2 January 2022
11.00 am - Epworth Euston Methodist Church led by Revd David Hollingsworth

9 January 2022
11.00 am - Archway Methodist Church led by Revd Tim Bradshaw

16 January 2022
11.00 am - Islington Central Methodist Church led by Revd Tim Bradshaw

This is a very important service in Methodism at the beginning of the New Year where we recommit ourselves to God's service.

The Covenant is the means of grace by which the relationship between God and his people is accepted and sustained by us. God has already offered us a loving relationship and we seek to live within this relationship sustaining it with his help.

The Covenant Service is uniquely Methodist but is now adopted by other denominations.

To learn more about the Covenant Service visit the Methodist Church in Britain web site by following this link




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