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The Seven Churches of the Apocalypse[1]

Ash Wednesday sees the beginning of Lent, the Church’s time of preparation for Easter.  It is our custom in this Circuit for the churches of the circuit to join together to share in a Lent Study course.

Clearly, we cannot share together in this way this year.  Because of this, I am offering a Lent Study on paper!  If you have received this service by email, by post, or by social media, a copy of Wednesday’s Lent Study should be included.  If you normally download this service from the Circuit website, then the Lent Study for this week should also be available to download.

Because the study course is usually held on a Wednesday evening, I encourage you to try to do each study on Wednesday evening each week.


The Book of Revelation (the last book of the Bible) is a letter, from John to the seven churches.  Whilst the majority of the book is difficult to understand, I encourage you to read chapter one, before starting the study.  Each week we will look at what Jesus, through John, has to say to one of the churches[2].  I will try to give you the information you may need to help you understand what is said, plus questions for you to answer concerning your own life and your own church.  Why not ring up a friend and invite them to share in the study?  You could then ring back to talk through your answers.  You will be surprised at the way that what is said in Revelation chapters two and three, is so ‘up to date’ and appropriate to the church today.

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[1] The Apocalypse is another name for the Book of Revelation.

[2] One week we will need to do two churches!

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