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Acts 27.13-20 The Storm at Sea

26 May 2021

by Miss Ann Robert

StormI love all things to do with the sea…except travelling on it when it’s bumpy!  Just reading this passage makes me feel the movement of the ship and the swell of the waves.  You may wonder why I’ve chosen it.  There are no profound statements, no sermons, no teaching from Paul, no church activity… and yet it’s here in the Bible.   Well, that’s why I chose it. The whole chapter is a cracking good story and it’s a reminder that the Bible isn’t just about teaching and preaching.  It’s about real people caught up in real situations and how God is involved in it all.

This week…  How about looking up and re reading some of the stories you may have heard in the past.  Or if you want fast paced action stories, the Acts of the Apostles is a great place to start!

(Why not search for free audio Bible readings on the internet and listen as well as read!) 





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