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After months of lockdown induced Sunday Thoughts and Bible Studies, I want to move away from my tendency for long and wordy online contributions; offering instead, one-a-week images with brief concluding statements that hopefully stimulate abstract insight into every book in the bible - all 66 of them.

The intention is for a sharing ministry to take place.  One that invites anyone to post a creative response of their choice, with a summary of how that week’s particular book speaks to them.  Art, music, poetry, photography and video clips are typical examples of the ‘creative response’ I invite you to share.

Wherever you are in your relationship with Jesus and the scriptures, all can have the chance to explore and consider Jesus from their own context.  Even if you are not yet in a relationship with Christ, different and fresh creative insights that are respectful to what might be our difference of opinions, are more than welcome.

Revd David Hollingsworth

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