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Genesis Dreams

25 September 2020

Genesis Dreams

As the first book the bible, Genesis is about origins.  Christians look at these origins as either a volume of literal truth or a mixed narrative open to interpretation.  Either way, these origins demonstrate how a theocracy was founded and developed.  Meaning that Genesis is about how the governance of a people was established as that in which priests ran the show under God’s instruction.  Therefore, understanding God beyond the model of obedience with priestly oversight, was beyond ordinary people, in fact, it was the stuff of dreams.  Whoever wrote Genesis was helpful here, as Genesis can be got to grips with by looking at the ten pillars of dreams that support the whole book.  The ten dreams are located within the following chapters:

Genesis 20:1-7, Genesis 28:12, Genesis 30:25 – 31:17, Genesis 31: 22-24, Genesis 37: 5-7, Genesis 37:9, Genesis 40: 7-8 and Genesis 41:1-7.

Explore at your leisure. 

In the meantime, look at the image below and dream.  Share if you wish.

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Genesis Dreams

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