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2 October 2020


As we continue our Bitesize Bible journey, the book of Exodus is the next abstract well from which we can draw fresh understanding.

Usually, it is the heroic actions of figures such as Moses that grab the attention of biblical study.  From a Christian perspective however, the abstract of Exodus could be a concept of: Light at the end of the Tunnel.  For example, some scholars have suggested that the crossing of the Red Sea is some form of Baptism into a new life with God.  Overcoming the notion of Egypt representing an evil that holds no power over God’s intervention and protection of the Israelites.  In other words, Exodus is the story of salvation via a gift from God.  A salvation story that grew and developed into the final reality that all can be saved through the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Therefore, Exodus - as the progress of petulant pilgrims on a salvation journey - demonstrates a light that leads the way through every type of trial and tribulation.  The book’s main characters are typically masculine – as is the contextual image I have created to express the book’s narrative.  However, Men and Women, as co-equal disciples, journey together as Christians so that God’s salvation hope in Christ can be seen.  As we think about this, the questions are:  Do others see that light in our eyes as we journey?  If not, why not?

Safe Journeys and God’s blessing.

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