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Emmaus Road - Luke 24.13-35

11 April 2021

Reflection by Revd. Tim Bradshaw

Emmaus Road

The two disciples walk home, disillusioned and grieving the loss of their Master.  Too wrapped up in themselves, they take little notice of the one who joins them on the road.  When have you been so wrapped up in yourself that you have failed to notice Jesus?

 v. 31 – Afterwards, they note that their ‘hearts burned within them’ as they listened to Jesus speaking.   What prevents you from allowing God’s work to burn within your heart?

 v. 30 – As Jesus broke bread (a very familiar activity when they were all together), their eyes were opened (v.31) and they recognised who it was.  What activities or places help you to recognise Jesus’ presence with you?

What the passage does not say, though it is clearly inferred, is that their lives were changed by this event.  So much so, that they leave the table and go straight back to Jerusalem.   Reflect on times when your life has been changed by God.  How long ago was the last time?  What is stopping your life being change today?



Emmaus RoadPainting by: Chris Antenucci 


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