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The Bitesized Bible

Paul's Farewell Speech - Acts 2.31-38

21 April 2021

Reflection by Miss Ann Roberts

SeaLots of things happened at Ephesus, including an outpouring of the Holy Spirit and a riot!  Do read the previous chapter – gripping stuff!

We often think of St Paul as serious, complicated and an A* Christian.  But he must also have shown great warmth and compassion to be loved so much by these folk.

This passage includes goodbyes, tears and hugs.  It rings bells for us in these times.  For many, saying goodbye or not being able to say goodbye has been more traumatic than ever imaginable.  Our longing has been for ‘hellos,’ hugs and tears of joy!

To think about...

  • Is there someone God is prompting you to reach out to with a hello?
  • Maybe a family member, a friend, someone in the church, work colleague – someone you’ve fallen out with and lost touch.  No time like the present!



Painting by Ivan Konstantinovich Aivazovsky


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