Archway Mission Statement

Archway Methodist Church is a Christian church and its members are committed to the service of God, the community and each other, through the relevant application of Biblical beliefs to contemporary life and living.

We seek to: -

  • Offer opportunities for worship, prayer and fellowship in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.
  • Share our belief that faith in Jesus creates real opportunities for positive change in people’s lives.
  • Encourage all people to lead creative and responsible lives through the enabling power of the Holy Spirit.
  • Make the presence of God known within the community through love of our neighbours and service to the neighbourhood throughout North London.
  • Maintain Archway Methodist Church premises for the use of the Church and community.
  • Contribute to sustain of Methodist work throughout London Boroughs of Camden and Islington and the London Methodist District.
  • Make welcome all people, irrespective of age, race, faith (or no faith), gender or sexual orientation.


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Last Updated: 28 February 2049